Bugging-In: Emergency Essentials For Your House

In the case of a natural disaster or other emergency that happens you need to make sure that you have the right survival supplies that you need to handle the crisis that could be coming. This list includes some of the most important equipment that you should keep at your home but there is more equipment that you could keep on standby to make your chances of surviving a disaster higher. Remember that you should have supplies proportional to the number of people that live with you/in your family.

When a disaster hits there is likely to be injuries that is why it is very important to keep a fully stocked first aid kit in your emergency bag. It should contain any tools and first aid supplies that you know how to use. It should also include any medical items that anyone in your family might need.

Water and food are another couple of crucial items. For evacuation you should have a 3 day supply of both. To survive in your home you should have a 2 week supply. Be sure that the food items are easy to prepare and that you keep track of the expiration dates on both the food and the water.

Flashlights are another great thing to have on hand. Chances are that if there is a natural disaster you are going to be without power for a decent amount of time. Make sure to store extra batteries with your flashlight. They also make crankable flashlights. Some people keep a back up flashlight in case there is an issue with the first one such as an issue with the bulb.

Maps of the area should be included in your pack in case you have to navigate somewhere safe or you are told to meet survivors at a location you are unfamiliar with. Maps can be picked up for rather in expensive prices but make sure you get one that is not heavy and will fit in your bag.

You should have a battery powered or hand-crank radio so that you can listen to any emergency broadcasts that may be issued. Survival Frog has probably the best selection of these radios that you can find online. If your radio is powered by battery ensure that you have extra batteries for this too.

You never know when a natural disaster or some other emergency might happen so don’t wait and start planning today. In addition to having the supplies you need in an emergency you also need to have a plan. Plan for where your family will meet and where you will go should your home be rendered unsafe. It’s also worth mentioning that SurvivalFrog has a really good survival blog with a bunch of tips, as well as a ton of reviews of top notch survival products. As always we try to bring you the best sources for all your survival and prepper needs, and this time is no exception.


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